3M Edge Sealing Compound

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3M Edge Sealing Compound (D.G. - UN 1993) ETS Code-1752
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Q) How can i stop my non slip tape's edges from lifting causing my tape to eventually fall off?

A) 3M Safety Walk - Edge Sealing Compound. This is a clear sealant that is applied around the perimiter of Anti Slip tape you have put down. Once dry, it will create a barrier to prevent moisture & dirt from entering the edges to prevent tape lift.

Order Edge Sealer to Stop Your Anti-Slip Tape's Edges From Lifting Online Here For Delivery Australia Wide !

If you've gone to the trouble of purchasing Non-Slip Tape, go that little bit further & protect the edges from lifting, increasing the life of your tape by using 3M Edge Sealing Compound.

3M Safety walk Edge Sealing Compound

3M Safety-Walk Edge Sealing Compound is a liquid, solvent-based sealer that protects exposed edges of slip-resistant tapes and treads from excessive moisture or liquids. Our edge fix sealant will seal the edge of anti slip tape (non-slip tape, grip tape,safety walk tape), and prevent dirt + moisture creeping in, causing edge lift.

One 150 mL tube with convenient tube applicator seals approximately 22 to 30 linear metres

3M Edge Sealant (to protect edges of Non-Slip tape from lifting)

Applications For 3M's Safety Tape Edge Sealer:

  • Sealing the perimeter of Adhesive Tapes that have been aplied to surfaces that are at risk of having moisture seep into, or scuffing that can cause tape edges & seems to lift., whether by foot traffic, machinery (forklifts, trolleys, pallet jacks, etc), weather, or other miscellaneous objects.
  • Anti Slip, Non-Slip Tapes, 3M Safety Walk
  • Vinyl Signage, Graphics
  • Reflective Tapes

Non-Slip Tape is also known as; - Anti Slip Tape, Grip Tape, Safety Walk Tape, Tread Tape,Skateboard Deck Tape, Sandpaper Tape, etc. There are different variations of this that is available that include; General Purpose Tread Tape, Conformable Anti-Slip Tape (for machinery, chequer plate, & uneven surfaces, Resilient Rubber Anti-Slip Tape (for wet area's,+ where bare feet come into contact with the tape)

When using anyone of these tapes, as foot traffic or machinery cross over, the edges are the first part of the tape to weaken & lift, allowing moisture, grime and dirt  to enter under the tape, accellerating the wear & increasing the deterioration of your Tread Tape. 3M Edge Protection Sealant - 3M Edge Sealer will protect the edges of  YOUR Anti-Slip Tape from lifting, wear & tear .It will stop any water ingress in wet areas, & increase the life & intergrity of Non-Slip Tapes that use this product.

We supply 3M Safety Walk Edge Sealing Compound to Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra & throughout Australia

Contact us For All YOUR Specialised Non Slip Tape, & Edge Sealing of Non Slip Tape Requirements

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