3M Hot Melt Glue - 3792LM

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3m 3792lm - hot melt glue (ETS- TCQ3792LM)
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Hot Melt Adhesive 3792 is a clear adhesive - low melt version that effectively bond heat sensitive materials such as wood and coated paper to furniture and upholstery and other lightweight materials.

Features of 3M 3792lm Hot Melt Glue include;

  • Dries clear for clean appearance 
  • Open bond time allows for fit adjustment and positioning  
  • 3792LM: Low melt version for heat sensitive surfaces such as coated paper and P.O.P displays 
  • 3M 3792lm Hot Melt Adhesive is a excellent "Go-to" adhesives for POP display, carton sealing, furniture, upholstery, and woodworking

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3M 3792lm Hot Melt Adhesive - 5kg per carton

3792lm (Low Melt - Low Temperature) Hot Melt Glue is a multi-purpose adhesive that features a 40 - 50 second open bond, to allow for positioning and fit adjustment on wood, polyethylene, polypropylene, corrugated boxes, and lightweight substrates on furniture, upholstery and novelties. Its nearly instant bonding property reduces production time for POP (Point of Sale) assembly, joining, attaching, securing, repairing, potting, panel bonding, wire tacking, bundling, sealing, encapsulating, rigidizing, foam bonding, and packaging. 3792lm Hot Melt Adhesive is manufactured with 100% solids, thermoplastic resin for use with the 3M Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Applicator LT. It is a low-volatile-organic compound (VOC) and produces minimal odour when heated, helping to support a comfortable work environment. This thermoplastic adhesive has excellent thermal shock, heat resistance, electrical insulating properties, and is non-corrosive.3M 3792LM adhesive is also known by a few other names, including; 3M 3792 Hot Melt Glue, 3792 Hot Melt Adhesive, 3792 Low Temperature Glue, 3792lm - Low Melt Temp Adhesives, 3792 Glue Sticks, & many more

3M 3792LM - FGC - 62376091328

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