1. Welcome to 2018 !

    Welcome to 2018 !

    Embossing & Tapes Supplies are your 2018 Specialty Tape Experts ! We have a big year planned with promotions, New Products & Innovations in Adhesive Tape & Specialty Tape Technlogies.

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    Embossing & Tape Supplies, your experts in Double Sided Tape for 2018

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  2. Make Double Sided Tape Application Easy

    • Make Double Sided ACX Tape - VHB Tape Application Easy

    Save time when putting on double sided foam tapes with our Double Sided Tape Gun.

    This double sided tape dispenser has it all !

    Tesa ACX & 3M VHB Double Sided Tape Gun

    This D/S Tape Gun, ; Cuts Tape, has a guide for accurate application, makes large runs of double sided tape quick & easy with our Double Sided Tape Applicator

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  3. Win The Ultimate Bathurst Supercars 1000 Experience Here !

    Win The Ultimate Bathurst Supercars 1000Experience Here !

    WIN with 3M !

    • 2 VIP Hospitality Suite Tickets
    • - Helicopter Ride over the Event Precinct & Racetrack
    • - Meet & Greet & Dinner with Chip Foose
    • - Behind the Scenes Tour Safety Course Car Ride (must be 16 years and over)
    • - Grid Walk
    • - Accommodation Flights
    • - Transfers Dedicated 3M Host
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  4. Protect Your Edges, Corners, & Everything In Between

    Protect Your Edges, Corners, & Everything In Between

    Edge & Corner Product Protection

    Embossing & Tape Supplies versatile range of corner & edge protection products We have a full range of edge & corner protective products available. Designed for product protection during transportation & storage

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  5. 3M AEII Hot Melt Glue Gun is back in stock !

    It's back in Australia again !

    3M has started stocking the AE II Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator (for use with the AE1762 Hot Melt Glue)

    3M AEii Hot Melt Glue Applicator (Glue Gun)

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  6. 3M's New a88 Cost Effective Carton Sealer - Now Available

    Introducing The New 3M-Matic a88 Cost Effective Carton Sealer

    3M - a88 Tape Sealing Machine

    3M-Matic Adjustable Carton / Tape Sealer a88 with T8 Taping head is an easy way to increase productivity on the packing floor, for top and bottom sealing of regular slotted cartons.

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  7. Low Noise Packaging Tape Has Arrived

    Q) Are YOU sick & tired of the loud sound made by packaging tape when you seal boxes ?

    A) Low Noise Packaging Tape will put an end to the loud sound made by standard packing tape.

    Silent - No Noise Packaging Tape

    Click Here To See The Difference Our Silent - Low Noise Pack Tape Makes

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  8. Your Adhesive Tape & Packaging Supplies Experts In 2017

    Are You Looking For Expert Advice On Your Specialised Tape & Packaging Requirements in 2017 ?

    Welcome to 2017 from Embossing & Tape Supplies

    Contact us for all of YOUR Packaging Supplies & Adhesive Tape Requirements. We are located in Miranda (Sutherland Shire), have a wide range of stocked items for all of YOUR Warehousing / Packaging Requirements, aswell as a wide range of specialty tapes, safety tapes, doubles sided tapes, masking & protection tapes in stock. 

    We are the only 3M Industrial Tape & Tesa Tape Industrial Distributors in the Eastern Suburbs & Southern Suburbs of Sydney.

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  9. M5 West Connex Motorway Upgrade

    The M5 West Connex Motorway Upgrade is one of Australia's Largest Road Infrastructure Projects.

    M5 West Connect Upgrade

    Embossing & Tape Supplies is ready to help supply all contractors associated with this project a range of products covering Building,Electrical,Tunnelling,Road Marking, Plumbing, Signs, Facilities Maintenance to name a few. Please read more to see what specialty products we have available to assist you

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  10. Safety Markings Guide for Factories,Warehouses,Site & Facilities

    Colour Markings Guide To Factory, Site & Facility Safety 

    Colour Markings Guide To Factory, Site & Facility Safety

     Here is our basic guide for Warehouse,Factory,Plant or Facility / Site Safety to indicate what coloured Markings & Tapes (Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Red-White Striped & Black-Yellow Striped) should be used to show different hazards, safety equipment, warn of danger, or to use caution.

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