When Powder Coating different metals , the temperature is usually around 204c. The time it takes to powder coat depends on how thick the metal or product is. The thinner the product, the shorter the time. The thicker the metal, the longer the time. Also, with thicker metals that are powder coated, they will get hotter & take longer to cool down. Very few tapes can withstand this temperature.

Products being powder coated in a powder coating oven

Luckily, You've come to the right place !

We have high temperature tapes for masking, & 3M double sided high bond tape for pre-application of products before powdercoating.These products can be ordered online. Additionally we also Die Cut to any shape & custom cut to any width.

Below is a list of the 3 main tapes used for powder coating & other high temperature applications

Green High Temperature Masking Tape

  • Green high temperature masking tape - will withstand bake cycles up to 204c, has a silicone adhesive meaning it will stick to most "hard to stick to surfaces". Green high temp tape provides sharp paint lines, has very good abrasion & chemical resistance as experienced during Powder Coating. View full product details of Green Hi Temp Powder Coating Tape Here!

Clear "Yellow/Gold" Polyamide High Temperature Tape

  • Polyimide high temperature tape  - used for masking, will withstand temperatures up to 260c. Polyimide Hi Temp masking tape will do everything Green hi temp tape does, + alot more. View full product details of "Yellow / Gold" Polyimide Tape Here !

3M - GPH - General high Temperature Double Sided Tape

  • 3M GPH High Temperature - VHB double sided tape. Save Time, Increase Efficiency with our 3M GPH - Hight Temperature D/S tape. You can now Pre Assemble your products prior to powder coating, then powdercoat the finished product ready for market, without having to double handle. GPH High Bond Double Sided Tape will withstand up to 230c. View full product information of the GPH High Bond Double Sided Tape Here !

All three of our high temperature tapes are available to order online for Australia wide delivery including Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Canberra Adelaide, Hobart & Perth.

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