Paper Packaging Tape - Tesa 4313

Paper Packaging Tape - Tesa 4313

Narrow Width High Bond Double Sided Tape - Acribond

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High Bond Double Sided Tape - Acribond

Order Narrow Width Double Sided Tape Online Here For Australia Wide Delivery

We supply Acribond Double Sided Tape in thin widths and different tape thickness's throughout Australia. We have High Bond Double Sided Tape in widths 6mm, 9mm. Tape thickness's of .5mm,1mm & 2mm, + different colours - Black, White, Grey & Clear available to order online here.

Features of our Acribond - High Bond Double Sided Tape range;

  • - Resilient performance in all weather conditions.
  • - Bonding to a wide variety of substrates and surfaces. 
  • - Excellent load bearing and performance capabilities. Load and stress are distributed across the plane of the bond. 
  • - Provide vibration dampening, shock absorption, sealing.
  • - Can seal out dust, dirt, plus other foriegn materials as well as providing a moisture barrier. 
  • - Quick to use, clean, safe, improves productivity. 
  • - Thin width double sided foam tape can be used as a bodymould tape, to attach trims & moulding to all cars, trucks & other vehicles. 
  • - The tape is soft and flexible, giving great conformability, unlike silicones, Acribond will expand & contract with changes in hot & cold temperatures

We also custom cut Acribond Double Sided High Strength Tape to any narrow width you require, we can do bulk pricing for large volume orders. With on going thin width double sided tape business, if forward orders are provided, we can hold stock, ready for next day delivery to help YOU increase productivity.

Thin width double sided tape

Contact Us for all of YOUR Double Sided Thin-Narrow Width Tape Requirements

Having very thin width double sided tape available in different tape thickness's (.5mm,1mm, & 2mm), colours (Clear, Grey,White & Black), & widths (6mm, 9mm, + custom slit to width) provides uses in a multitude of industries & applications.

Industries & Applications Very High Bond / High Strength Double Sided Foam Tapes are used in;

  • - Glass - Glazing with clear double sided tape
  • - Vibration Dampening - to stop different parts of machinery or products making contact, causing noise & vibrations to occour.
  • - Bodymould - for thin pieces of trim, lights, other attachments being stuck on to cars, trucks, busses, boats & other vehicles.
  • - Sign Industry - for sign manufacture, sign instalation, nameplate attachment
  • - Metal Fabrication
  • - Plastic Fabrication
  • - LED light instalations

Narrow Width Double Sided VHB Tape 

Contact Us for all of your Thin Width / Narrow Width High Strength Double Sided Tape Requirements

We supply VHB - High Strength Double Sided Tape to Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & right across Australia

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