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3M EPX - Scotch Weld - Structural Adhesive Starter Kit

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3M Edge Sealing Compound

Isolation Tape (Prevents Electrolysis & Galvanic Corrosion) - Stylus 2907

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Isolation Tape - Stylus 2907

Prevent Electrolysis - Corrosion when two dissimilar metals come into contact with Stylus Black Isolation / Pipe Wrap Tape Stylus 2907 is a highly flexible anti-corrosive tape which is puncture resistant, has a P.V.C. backing, & excellent insulation properties.

Isolation Tape - Stylus 2907

Order as little as 1 roll of Isolation Tape Online Here For Delivery throughout Australia

Stylus Pipe Wrap Tape / Isolation Tape is essentially used for corrosion and abrasion protection of underground and above ground pipes. For the joining of large electrical cables and conduit. For use as an electrolysis barrier between dissimilar metals. For joining subconcrete membranes, bridge & gantry repair. Stylus 2907 tape has 33 metres length per roll & is 250um (.25mm) in thickness.

Stylus 2907 Black Isolation - Pipe Wrap Tape's main purpose, is; To form an electrolysis barrier between dissimilar metals to prevent Galvanic Corrosion - Rust. For joining sub concrete membranes -

We also custom cut Black Pipe Wrap Isolation Tape to any size up to 1220mm wide.

For on - going orders of Stylus 2907 Pipe Protection Tape we can work in with your instalation / maintenance schedules & keep stock allocated for you, ready for next day delivery.

Contact Us For All of Your Pipe Protection Tape / Isolation Tape Requirements.

We supply Electrolysis Protectection Tape throughout Australia, including remote areas !

Industries Black Isolation - Pipe Protection Tape is used in include;

  • Building / Construction (Including Gantry & Bridge Maintenance / Repairs) 
  • Pipeline Protection 
  • Insulation Building Maintenance 
  • Mining, Oil & Gas 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Telecommunications

Isolation Tape's main applications are;

  • To act as an Electrolysis barrier between dissimilar metals 
  • Joining sub concrete membranes 

Stylus Black Isolation Tape is a very thick, tough, durable tape (.25mm thick) used for the corrosion and abrasion protection of undergournd and above ground pipes. For the joining of large electrical cables and conduit. -

Stylus 2907 Metal Separation Tape is also known as; Pipe Wrap tape, Pipe Isolation tape, Black Isolation tape, Metal Isolation tape,Steel Isolation tape, Metal Seperation tape, Metal Protection tape, Metal Anti-Corrosion tape, Black Anti-Corrosion tape, Tesa Black Cable Protection tape, & Black Cable Anti-Abrasion tape.

Contact us for all of Your Pipe Isolation - Pipe Wrap requirements. We custom cut our Anti-Corrosion / Electrolysis Prevention Tape to any width you require.

Order Isolation Tape Online Here for delivery to; Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & throughout Australia !

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