Scotch-Weld DP8610 Flexible Adhesive (Glue)

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Scotch-Weld DP8610 Flexible Adhesive (Glue) (ETS- DP8610NS)

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This amazing adhesive has strength of a structural acrylic with the flexibility of a sealant.

3M Scotch-weld DP8610 has high flexibility, is good for Glass, metal, composites and plastics. Quick cure and stronger when compared to silicone and Polyurethanes. Offering a unique set of benefits, 3M Scotch-Weld Flexible Acrylic Adhesive 8600 Series provides the flexibility of a sealant combined with the strength and cure speed of an acrylic adhesive, allowing you to be more flexible in your design.

Key Features of 3M DP 8610 Flexible Adhesive include;

  • Limits bond line read-through: Helps thin, flat surfaces maintain their aesthetic appearance.
  • Flexible like a sealant: For greater impact resistance.
  • High elongation up to 200%: Withstands stresses between dissimilar materials.
  • Fast, strong cure: For assembly speed and productivity.
  • Offers new opportunities for design: Expands what’s possible.
  • Non-flammable classification and low odor formulation: to help improve the working environment.

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Please note the 3M 8610 is a 2 part adhesive (Glue). To use this product, you also need to have;

    • Orange Mixing Nozzles
    • EPX Plus II Applicator ( "Glue Gun" )   
    • - 3M  FGC; 62286914452

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