Let Us Help You Make The Right Non Slip Tape Selection 

There is more than just one type of Slip Resistant Tape available in the marketplace.It is very important to make sure that you select the right type of Non Slip Tape for the application you have. Before we go any further please be aware that Non Slip Tape is known by a few different names, includung; Anti Slip Tape, Sandpaper Tape,Non Slip Tape, Grip Tape, Anti Skid Tape, Tread Tape, 3M Safety Walk Tape,Slip Resistant Tape, etc, which we use all of those names here.

Embossing & Tape Supplies have a full range of Slip Resistant Tapes from the following manufacturers -; Husky Grip Tape, Stylus Non-Slip Tape, 3M - Safety Walk Tape, Vigil Slip Resistant Tape, Tesa Tread Tape

We have a Non Slip Tape to suit every application you may have

The following factors need to be considered when selecting a Tread Tape;

  •  Is your Non Slip Tape project Indoors or Outdoors? Do you need a UV resistant Anti Slip Tape?
  •  Is your Tread / Grip Tape project being applied to a smooth or rough / textured surface ? Chequer Plate?
  •  Will your Anti Slip Tape project be exposed to water, moisture, or be submerged? 
  •  What type of lighting is the area that your Non-Slip / Tread Tape is being applied? 
  •  Is the area where Anti Slip Grip tape being applied, going to exposed to Chemicals, Oily Surfaces, Heavy Foot Traffic, High Dirt areas ?
  •  What  Non Slip Grip Tape colours & sizes do you need ? Is a custom size or die cut size of Anti Slip Grip Tape required?
  •  What Is the surface you are applying Slip Resistant Tape to? If Slip Resistant Tape is being applied to a wooden surface,concrete surface,brick surface, any surface with loose particles, a sealant needs to applied first to ensure that the non slip tape doesn't just adhere to the particles on the surface of the substrate your Anti Slip Tape is being applied too.

Here's A Quick Tip To Make Anti Slip Tape Last Longer;

  • Always apply Non Slip - Anti-Slip Tape with rounded corners. This stops the corners from getting scuffed & lifting easily as they would if they had a corner / point at each edge. If you are cutting the tape off a roll, just use your scissors, or knife to cut the corners round. 
  • Use 3M's edge sealant (edge sealing compound) which will help protect the perimeter of tape applied from dust, dirt or water penetrating under the tape causing it to start lifting off the surface it has been applied to.

Below is a brief summary of our Non Slip (Anti Slip) Tape range we have available & what applications & conditions they are designed to be used for. For more detailed info, please click on the links of each Grip Tape product shown below;

Order General Purpose Anti Slip Tape Online Here

-General Purpose Non Slip Tape  -  is designed essentially for slippery areas to prevent falls,slip / accidents. Our Range of Anti-Slip Tape (Tread Tape) we have available comes in black,yellow,white & Black / Yellow Striped. Each roll of tape has 18.2 metres per roll, can be Ordered Online here for Australia wide delivery. Not recomended for permanent outdoor use.

Features of our Non Slip Tread Tape include - * Improves safety and performance in work areas. * Easy application, self adhesive - peel off liner and apply to surface. * Available in sheets, rolls, can be die-cut. We also custom cut our general purpose anti slip tape to any width you require up to 1170mm.

General Purpose Non Slip Tape is ideal for; * Use on stairs,tiles, ladders, trucks and work vehicles. * Sports and recreational equipment.

3M Safety Walk Wet Area Non Slip Tape

- Resilient - Wet Area Slip Resistant Tape - 3M Safety Walk / Resilient Non Slip Tape is designed for slippery areas where people walk around in bare feet, such as swimming pools, change rooms, gyms, homes, etc. 3M Resilient Safety Walk Tape has a smooth, less abrasive surface that will not injure, cause grazes or cuts as opposed to using other Tread Tapes when bare skin comes into contact with it. There is 18.2mtr length per roll, colours available are Black, Clear & White. Order 3M Resilient Wet Area Anti Slip Tape Online Here For Australia Wide Delivery

3M Conformable (500 series) Slip Resistant Tape designed for uneven surfaces - Chequer plate

- Conformable Slip Resistant Tape -This product is designed to stretch and conform to irregular surfaces such as checker plate,diamond plating or flat surfaces with rivets or screw heads, ladder rungs, etc. 3M Anti Slip Conformable Safety Walk Tape is designed for uneven surfaces & perfect (most commonly used) for Chequer Plate & Concrete (surface must be sealed first).

Applications where 3M Conformable 500 series Safety Walk Non Slip Tape is currently used includes;

- Platforms - Stairs - Steps - Ramps - Scaffolding - Machinery - Trucks,Trailers(Pantecs) Excavators, Forklifts, Tractors,Trains, Buses, Ship Decks etc.

Take a closer look at our 3M Conformable Safety Walk Non Slip Tape Here

Outdoor 3M Safety Walk 700 series Slip Resistant tape is designed for use outdoors on smooth flat surfaces

- Outdoor Anti-Slip Tread Tape - is a UV resistant Non Slip Tape (3M™ Safety-Walk 700 series). This Heavy Duty Slip Resistant Tape is a Coarse Tape with large abrasive particles bonded by a tough, durable polymer to a dimensionally stable plastic film to resist clogging when subjected to mud or oil, has a service temperature, up to 79°C.

3M Outdoor Slip Resistant Tape is suitable for use on;

- Agriculture and forestry equipment, tractors - Road building - Civil engineering - Trucks, Semi Trailers, Buses - Construction vehicles, cranes, building equipment. - Loading Docks, platforms, ramps - Cold Storage - Ship Decks - Aeroplane cargo holds

3M Outdoor Safety Walk Non Slip Tape can be painted without losing friction properties. It's extra-large abrasive particles resist clogging in muddy or oily conditions. Take a closer look here at 3M Outdoor Non Slip Tape - 700 series Safety Walk

3M Edge Sealant

3M Edge Sealing Compund  - 3M Safety-Walk Edge Sealing Compound is a liquid, solvent-based sealer that protects exposed edges of slip-resistant tapes and treads from excessive moisture or liquids. Our edge fix sealant will seal the edge of anti slip tape (non-slip tape, grip tape,safety walk tape), and prevent moisture creeping in, causing edge lift. One 150 mL tube with convenient tube applicator seals approximately 22 to 30 linear metres. Order Edge Sealant Online Here

 3M Clear Resilient Safety Walk Anti Slip Tape has a very high clarity

If you have any customised non-slip tape requirements, please feel free to contact us for personalised service on all of your Slip Resistant - Anti Slip Tape requirements

All YOU Need To Know To Select The Correct Non Slip Tape (Anti Slip Tape)

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