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We Have a Large Range of 3M Scotchweld Adhesive Products

The products within our range are designed for a wide variety of applications covering virtually all industries. Our range of Scotchweld 3M Adhesives include 3M Spray Adhesives, 3M Hot Melt Glues, & 3M High Strength Glues (Threadlockers, Gasket Makers, Superglues).

About Hot Melt Adhesives 

Hot melt adhesives/hot-glue sticks have a relatively hot melting point that ranges between approximately 250 - 380°F (121 - 196°C) depending on the formulation. It is applied with hot-melt applicators, commonly referred to as hot-glue guns. Hot-melt glues provide an almost instant bond between many plastics, paper and wood, but when the bond is reheated, some varieties will soften, allowing the bonded surfaces to be separated. The quick-stick nature of hot-melt adhesives speeds up operations in packaging and production.

We supply the full range of 3M Hot Melt Adhesives to Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra & Australia Wide 

We supply our full range of 3M / Scotchweld adhesives to Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, & throughout Australia. Check us out today for all of your 3M Scotchweld requirements.