Removable Road Marking Tape - 3M Stamark

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Removable Road Marking Tape - 3M Stamark

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Adjust, hide & create traffic lanes in minutes with 3M's Temporary "Lane" - pavement tape in minutes!

3M Stamark makes traffic lane adjustment fast and simple. It is engineered for easy application and removal to reduce the amount of time drivers and workers are exposed to road works hazards. Newly marked roads can be opened to traffic immediately following application. To make removal simple, Stamark is structured with a reinforcing net. It can be removed from asphalt and concrete surfaces intact or in large pieces at temperatures above freezing without leaving scarring or ‘ghost’ markings, which can dangerously mislead motorists.

3M Stamark Temporary Road / Traffic Lane Marking Tape Features Include:

  • Quick and easy to apply for temporary applications. 
  • Highly reflective and skid resistant in wet and dry conditions. 
  • Will not damage or scar road surface when removed. 
  • All-weather performance, providing highly visible lane delineation even in the wet. 
  • Roadway may be opened to traffic immediately after application. 
  • Suggested by RMS as the preferred method of temporary road marking for arterial roads, work zones and construction.
  • Can be used on different road surfaces including Bitumen,Asphalt,Concrete & Pavements
  • Designed primarily for use on traffic - road works, but is also used for other temporary applications including; festivals, community & sporting events where it is cleanly removed at the completion of the event.

3M Stamark Range of Removable Road Marking Tapes

3M Stamark Removable Lane - Road Marking Tape is available to order online in the following widths & colours:

  • 100mm wide - for centre lines (Traffic Lanes) in the middle of roads
  • 150mm wide - for edge lines at the side of roads
  • Available in White, Yellow & Black - to temporary mask traffic lanes and edge lines.

We supply 3M Stamark Removable/Temporary Road Marking Tape to; Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Broome & right across Australia

3M Stamark Removable Road Lane Marking Tapes

3M Stamark™ Removable Road / Lane Marking Tape Benefits include:

  • Highlight temporary lanes to help drivers navigate safely through work zones and protect road workers from collisions. 
  • Is easy to remove.
  • Provide all-weather performance, providing highly visible lane delineation even in the wet.
  • Can be applied to most road surfaces including Pavement, Asphalt, Bitumen & Concrete
  • Will cover painted road markings - traffic lanes temporarily until road work is completed, then can be removed


Sizes available of 3M Stamark Temporary Traffic Lane Marking Tape from us to Order Online are:

  • 710 Stamark Removable - White 100mm x 110mtr   FGC - 75030174991
  • 710 Stamark Removable - White 150mm x 110mtr   FGC - 75030175014
  • 711 Stamark Removable - Yellow 100mm x 110mtr  FGC - 75030175022
  • 711 Stamark Removable - Yellow 150mm x 110mtr  FGC - 75030175048
  • 715 Stamark Removable - Black  150mm x 110mtr  FGC - 75030175071


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