3M Diamond Grade (983 series) Reflective Tape For Trucks & Vehicles

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3M 983 series Reflective Tape For Trucks & Vehicles

Order 3M Diamond Grade (983 series) Reflective Tape For Trucks, Trailers & Vehicles Online Here for delivery Australia Wide

3M's Class 1a Reflective Tape is designed for application to sides and rear of large trucks, trailers and other vehicles to increase their visibility, especially when the vehicle is turning or crossing roadways 3M Diamond Grade Colours Are Used To Mark The Sides And Rear Of Heavy Vehicles For Enhanced Visibility And Detection. 3M 983 Class 1 Reflective Tape is also used on Earthmoving machinery & Mining vehicles. 

3M Truck & Trailer Reflective Tape

Features of 3M Diamond Grade 983 series Reflective Tape:

  • Sealed Edges Prevent The Tape From Delamination And Water Ingress / penetration 
  • Non-corroding and excellent weather resistance  
  • 3M Diamond Grade Tapes Meet AS/NZ 1906.2 Class 1A Standards  
  • Strong Adhesive Provides Permanent Bond To A Variety Of Substrates

Recomendations for placement of Reflective Tape on your Truck, or Trailer is:

  • Front - White 
  • Sides - Yellow, White, or Fluro Yellow (Yellow/Green)  
  • Rear - Red or Yellow

For bulk quantities, multiple delivery locations, or other customised requirements you may have on 3M's Diamond Grade 983 series conspicuity reflective tape, please feel free to contact us!

Use of retroreflective tapes on trucks & other machinery is extremely effective. Significant reductions are achieved in side and rear truck impacts when using Reflective Tape. Visibility of trucks are especially exacerbated in night and poor conditions including rain and fog, dusk and dawn, where lighting is poor, that's where 3M Diamond Grade (983 series) Reflective Tape will increase visibility & safety for your Truck, Trailer, Earthmoving, Mining, or Heavy Machinery. 

3M 983 series reflective tape (class 1) is far superior in quality to other reflective tapes, 3M diamond grade tape will last longer without falling off or lifting due to the edges being sealing to prevent moisture, dirt or grime getting underneath.

3M's Diamond Grade 983 series tape is also known as; Truck Reflective Tape,3M Vehicle Reflective, Conspicuity Reflective Tape,3M Reflective Conspicuity Tape for Vehicles, Truck & Trailer Reflective Tape, Truck / Trailer Conspicuous Reflective Tape,3M - Class 1 Reflective Tape, 3M - Class 1a Reflective Tape, etc

3M 983 Series Fluro Yellow Reflective Tape (Diamond Grade) designed for use on Truck & Trailers

We supply 3M diamond grade class 1a - conspicuity reflective tape for trucks, trailers & heavy machinery to Sydney, Newcastle,Canberra, Wollongong, Brisbane,Melbourne, hobart, Adelaide, Perth & throughout Australia

The 3M 983 series conspicuous reflective tape range designed for trucks, vehicles & heavy machinery that we have available is:

  • 3M 983 - Reflective Tape Red 50mm x 15mtr - ARO10596591 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape Red-50mm x 45.7mtr - XAO10012632 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape -Red-100mm x 15mtr - ARO19278696 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape White-50mm x 15mtr  - ARO10596575 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape White-50mm x 45.7mtr - XAO10012616 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape White-100mm x 15mtr - ARO19278670 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape Yellow-50mm x 15mtr - ARO10596583 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Tape Yellow-50mm x 45.7mtr - XAO10007269 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Fluoro Ylw Grn 50mm x 15mtr - ARO10602290 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Fluoro Ylw Grn-50m x 45.7m - XA010013309 
  • 3M 983 Reflective Fluoro Ylw Grn-75mm x 15mtr - ARO10602308 
  • 3M 983 Reflect Tape Flr Ylw Grn-75mm x 45.7mtr - XAO10017680 
  • 3M 983 Reflect Tape -White-100mm x 45.7mtr - XAO10013234
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