Protection Films Laminates & Tapes

We Supply a Range of Protective Films

Our range of protective films come in logs ranging from 1220mm down to 900mm that we can slit to meet your requirements. Colours available for protection film include clear, black, blue & black/white. Our protection film we supply are from 3M, Nitto & Fletcher Insulation (Spotstik). Our range of protection tape is designed for protecting products from being scratched, scuffed during manufacture, transport & instalation. Protection tapes are designed to be removed & not to leave a residue when removed (timeframe depends on what product is selected). Our protection tapes we supply are from 3M, Tesa, Husky, Stylus, Venture & PPC. Our laminates & protective coatings come from Fletcher Insulation & Cello Paper. These products include Sisalcraft and dukbak. (Sisalkraft is also known as "Tar Paper", or Bitumen Paper").

If you are not sure which product to select out of our protection film, protection tape, or protective laminates for your application, or you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.

E.T.S. does a whole range of SisalKaft & other Protective Laminates. Sisalkraft is also known as "Tar Paper" , or "Bitumen Paper"