3M Peltor XP1 Communication Headset - Class 5 Hearing Protection

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3M Peltor XP1

3M PELTOR WS ALERT XPI Headset is the next generation in hearing protection & communication.

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3M Peltor XP1 Communications Headset

If you want to be able to talk on your mobile phone, communicate with other people on site, listen to music / radio without having to remove your hearing protection - ear muffs, 3M's XPI "Comms Headset" is what you are looking for!

3M XPI Hearing Protection will cancel out loud banging noises allowing easy listening. Once noise levels reach over 82db, the XP1 turns into a passive earmuff blocking out all sound / noise.

With Bluetooth connectivity,noise-cancelling boom microphone, in-built FM-Radio and level-dependent noise attenuation functionality for ambient listening, the WS ALERT XPI Headset not only helps protect you against hazardous noise, but also makes it easy to make and receive phone calls with both hands free in noisy work environments.

Key Features of the 3M XPI - Electronic - Communication -Hearing Protection Headset (Bluetooth Earmuffs)

  • High attenuating hearing protector in two models: stand-alone headband or safety helmet attachment.
  • Bluetooth MultiPoint Technology for connection to one or two external devices for hands-free operation
  • Noise cancelling boom microphone for clear speech transmission in noisy environments
  • Level-dependent function for ambient listening to help improve your situational awareness (limited to 82 dB)
  • Push-to-Listen feature to easily and instantaneously listen to your surroundings
  • Built-in FM-Radio with radio volume limited to 82dB
  • Voice guided menu system with announced FM-Radio frequencies
  • Digital station search
  • Ability to store up to 4 favourite stations
  • Auto power off: The headset will turn off after 4 hours of non-use to save battery
  • Low-battery warning at low battery level
  • To reduce the corrosion caused by sweat the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup
  • New App now available in I-Tunes & Google Play Stores making these headsets even easier to use directly from you phone. scroll down to see features

3M XP1 - Bluetooth Peltor Earmuff

Applications; 3M PELTOR WS ALERT XPI Headset offers Bluetooth wireless communication and audio streaming in noisy environments. Useful when users need to be connected to their mobile phone throughout the day (for example;Mining, Oil & Gas + associated industries, Construction - Earthmoving, Concreting, Heavy Machinery, Factory work, maintenance workers in industrial applications) everywhere hands-free communication and hearing protection could be of benefit.

Using your headset has become even easier with the XP1 App on your smartphone

Features Of The XPI App include;

  • Connectivity to Mobile App - Helps you to set up and navigate your headset as well as find 3M support 
  • Push-to-listen functionality, BT volume decreases, and LD volume increases in one push. 
  • Updated Bluetooth protocol from WS5 (BT2.1) to WS6 (BT4.2) 
  • Vocalised channel selection in FM radio 
  • Play/Pause/Skip functionality on the headset while streaming

Standards & Approvals; XP1 Bluetooth Earmuffs have been tested by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the requirements in AS/NZS 1270 and has met the specifications of hearing protectors Class 5. When selected, used and maintained as specified in AS/NZS 1269, this hearing protector may be used in noise up to 110 dB(A) assuming an 85 dB(A) criterion

For more detailed information, a full technical data sheet of 3M's digital earmuff is available on the above attachment.

3M XP1 - Peltor Comms Headsets are also known as; Peltor earmuffs,Radio earmuffs, level dependant ear muffs, protective headsets,communication headsets, comms headsets, bluetooth hearing protection earmuffs, bluetooth earmuffs, etc

The 2 types of bluetooth - digital earmuffs available are;

3M Peltor XP1 - Headband - Hearing Protection

  • XP1 Peltor Headband (FGC - UU010322954)

3M Peltor - Helmet Attachment - Hearing Protection

  • XP1 - Helmet Attachment (FGC - UU010322962)

We supply the full 3M range of hearing protection, including Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Blue Tooth Ear Muffs & Bluetooth headsets to Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Mt Isa, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Broome & right across Australia.

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