4032 Double Sided Mounting Tape (0.8mm Thick)

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Order 3M 4032 Double Sided Mounting Tape Online Here For Australia Wide Delivery

In bonding rough or irregular surfaces, 3M double coated foam tapes fill gaps and distribute stress uniformly over the bonded area. Depending on the specific tape, the result is a bond line that seals, cushions and dampens vibration, resists impact, withstands a wide temperature range and provides good insulating qualities.

We Stock 3M 4032 "Mounting Tape" in 12mm & 18mm widths

3M Double Sided Mounting Tape -4032 - .8mm thick (suitable for indoor use only)

We supply 4032 Double Sided Mounting Tape to Sydney,Newcastle, Central Coast, Canberra, Wollongong, & throughout Australia.

Please contact us for custom size widths, die cutting & bulk quantities

We custom cut 3M 4032 Logs to any width you require

Order 3M - 4032 Double Sided Tape (0.8mm thick) Online Here

3M - 4032 Double Sided Tape Features;

  • 0.8mm tape thickness
  • 65.8mtr length per roll
  • Die Cutting Available
  • Custom Slit Widths Available
  • Bulk Pricing Available
  • 12mm & 18mm wide rolls in stock, ready for shipping

3M 4032 Double Sided Foam Tape can also be easily die-cut to improve production / installation processes. The 4032 Double Sided Mounting Tape is used for holding up signs and displays, attaching trim to furniture and vehicles, holding up mirrors and bathroom fittings etc. With a coating of adhesive on both sides of a foam carrier, they are as easy to use as a tape and also have gap filling properties from the foam to allow for mismatch of materials, and when used on uneven surfaces. The choice of adhesive is important when considering using a tape indoors or out and the materials to be bonded, and choice of foam is important when considering environmental stresses, weight and surface to be bonded Tape Thickness = .8mm Thick Length = 65.8mtr

Order Double Sided Mounting Tape - .8mm thick Online Here ! We supply 3M 4032 Double Sided Tape right across Australia.

We supply 3M 4032 D-Sided Tape Australia Wide !

Order our 3M Double Sided Mounting Tape 4032 Online Here !

Or for Large Quantities please contact us for Bulk Pricing

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