Tesa 4965 Bobbin Wound (Spool Wound) Double Sided Tape

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Tesa 4965 Bobbin Wound (Spool Wound) Double Sided Tape

Q) Do you need to keep your manufacturing or production process going, uninterrupted without stoppages or having to change your double side tape rolls ?

A) Bobbin Wound / Large Spools of  double sided tape can solve this issue. (such as Tesa 4965 "machine length" rolls)

Continuous tape reels (also known as Bobbin Wound, or Spool Wound Tape) are perfect for long-running jobs such as automated applications or extrusion lines. Using spooled rolls of double sided tapes saves time and labour due to less changeover and longer runs, resulting in more efficient processes. The length of these rolls, such as the Tesa 4965 are 4000 metres in length. Tesa 4965 industrial length rolls are available with a brown, or red translucent liner.

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Industries & applications Tesa Spool wound tape is used in include;

  • Plastic profiles and extrusions
  • Foam and rubber extrusion
  • Electrical conduit
  • Bag making
  • Printing - Point Of Sale industry - for the production of price tags, decorative strips, or POS materials.
  • Packaging industry - for the production of packages such as envelopes with adhesive strips or siliconized paper.
  • Furniture industry - for the production of wardrobe brushes or blinds.

Using Tesa 4965 Bobbin Wound (Spool Wound) Double Sided Tape significantly extends the working time of machines without the need to stop production for roll replacement. Implementing production with spooled tapes works excellently on extruder-type devices used, for example, in the production of building profiles, price tags, etc. Having more material on a spool accelerates production and reduces costs associated with stopping the production line. These large rolls of double sided tape have thousands of metres of length per roll. They are also known by many different names, including - Spool Wound Rolls Of Tape, Bobbin Wound Rolls Of Tape, Machine Wound Rolls Of Tape & Industrial Wound Rolls Of Double Sided Tape.

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We supply bobbin wound / spool wound industrial length (1000's of metres per roll) tape to; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin & right across Australia !

Each roll's dimensions are;

  • 40cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • 11.8kg
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